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When planning to order ...............
Please try and not wait until the last minute!


 It's so easy to transform a plain room into a celebration room by adding Balloons.  Below is a guide to help you

with ideas and terminologies. This can help you when referring to the kind of arrangements you might want for your party.

     This is a    

A Cluster of Balloons can be a "bunch", a "group", an array, a batch, a bundle, a collection, and even Ceiling Balloons  ........ but not a Bouquet or Arrangement. We will always put the balloons on some kind of weight. Clusters can be anything from 8 to 20 balloon. 


    This is a 6   balloon Marker     made from     CHROME latex       balloons

Markers are probably the most versitle balloon product in our line. Markers can be used for many purposes. We call them Markers, because most people want some balloons out in front of thier house.  The Markers are a grouping of Balloons (your colors) they come on ONE single ribbon, as opposed to 6 or 8 balloons flying around on 6 or 8 ribbons getting tangled.

Very nice Bouquets
  can range from 
   $95.00 -$129.00

This is the kind of Floor Bouquet that is used for nice events or  celebrations. Many people will order these for delivery to Birthday recipients. 

This kind of Bouquet can be ordered in ANY colors, along with complementing Foil Stars and prints.  It can be made as big as you may want.   Price range is $75 to $100

    Example of 
  Baby Shower 
This is a nice   Bouquet
   ($85 to $125)

 BALLOON BOUQUETS can be very large, and can be smaller.  Balloon Bouquets are not 3 to 6 balloons. Balloon Bouquets can consist of all Latex Balloons, all Foil Balloons or generally a mixture of 11", 16" and Foil Balloons with a design and even confetti balloons, appropriate for the particular person or event.


 Simple bouquet   of 8-10 11" and a       small Foil
  $ 39.99 - $59.99

While this may only be 8 to 10 balloons, these are made into a simple Balloon Bouquet, with a focus balloon on the top. We can use an 18" Foil, 22" Bubble Balloon, or a larger more prominent Foil Balloon.  These make great table Centerpieces, and easy on the budget.

  This is also
  a very nice Floor Bouquet
    These are
     used as a 
    Example of 
  Ceiling Balloons
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